Frequently Asked Questions

How do i know this is legit?

Glasscash type marketing has been around for 15 years and is one of the main types of marketing used by adult sites today. Everything that we do is 100% legal within our sales guidelines.

How do I know you will pay me and not scam me like many other sites out there?

Glasscash has a perfect track record for paying what is owed to the affiliate on time. We have nothing to gain by not paying you. If we do not pay what is owed, we could lose you as an affiliate forever. Believe me, we would make more money in the long run by keeping you as a happy affiliate.

How and When do I get paid?

We pay out Weekly via direct deposit or check weekly. Our pay period is from Sunday to Saturday. Direct Deposit will be in your account by Thursday. Checks are mailed out every Wednesday, depending on the mail service, it may take a few more days to get your check.

Are taxes taken out of my check?

NO. You are an independent contractor, and your taxes are your responsibility. We send out a 1099 at the end of every year, and it is your responsibility at that point.

Is training available?

Yes, we have a staff of trainers willing to help you get started and show you the ropes. We are here to help you every step of the way.

What do I do once I sign up to become an affiliate?

Once you sign up, you will email us through the contact page. We will then direct you to an affiliate manager to set up a training session.

Do I have to go on cam?

No, you never have to go on cam for the customers. All you are doing is directing the customers to the actual cam model on the site.

Can anyone become an affiliate?

Yes, as long as you are 18 and over, you can sell for Glasscams!

Is it a hard product to sell?

It depends on you. This is a great opportunity to make money for the less computer savvy people. This meaning, you don't have to be skilled at computer programming, web-mastering, etc. Our average affiliate makes over $800.00 per pay period, but it all depends on how well you catch on to the training, and how much time you put into learning how the to sell. Consistency is key for an overall success in this business. You have to work, and work hard to make great money. This is not a do nothing and make a lot job, however, results are never guaranteed. Now, understand this is adult entertainment & not suited for everyone. If you feel like you can handle it, then this is a great opportunity for you.